Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A quiet New Year's Eve

We woke this morning to our first foggy morning since we've got here. On top of that, everything was covered with frost. The forecast is for temperatures to stay in the 30s.

I am still battling this head cold which sucks all my energy as well. Fortunately, Tim and Sierra have managed to avoid it.

We will try our trip to the Black Country Living Museum on Friday when temperatures warm up and give my cold a few more days of rest.

This afternoon we did venture out for a short walk to the big duck pond. The pond had a thick layer of ice on it. The ducks would come in for a landing and then skid across the ice with their webbed feet. It was a funny sight to see!

There is a group of 40 people staying here at Woodbrooke over New Year's. Woodbrooke staff invited everyone to a silent meeting from 11:30-12:10 AM to celebrate the new year. Then they will all go outside to the grounds and light a huge bonfire in the bonfire pit. Tim and I will stay up to see the New Year quietly in our warm room.

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