Friday, December 19, 2008

Mean Parents, Shopping & Laundry

So today we have tried a new strategy. We woke Sierra up at 9am which means she didn't get much sleep last night given her sleeping pattern (see previous post). All day today we have ran her ragged, denied her a nap, and are now trying to keep her up to 11pm our time. We'll see if it works, but if it doesn't we are going tomorrow to give her to the local hobbits.

During the day time, Heather and Sierra caught a double decker bus (referred to Sierra as Bertie from her Thomas the Train collection) to downtown Birmingham and went shopping at the Bull Ring, a three story complex that was a mad house with Christmas shoppers (not unlike what you would see at any mall in America right now). They visited various toy stores and munched on sandwiches and fruit for lunch. Heather had a mocha from Pret a Manger despite the fact that the mall did have two Starbucks. Sierra saw her first bobby in his tall blue police hat turning out the riff raff of the mall. The ride back to Woodbrooke wound through more of downtown which was decorated with Christmas lights.

To keep Sierra busy, we tackled doing some laundry with the machines available at Woodbrooke. While waiting for the clothes to finish, Sierra and Heather discovered the "Art Room." Woodbrooke provides a large room filled with various art supplies to make all forms of art work. Sierra enjoyed cutting, pasting and coloring. It is a large enough room that she can run around without bothering others. When we returned for our clothes, we found they weren't dry yet and that someone else needed the dryer. So one of the handy man here directed Heather to the "drying room" which is also called the "tea spot." The tea spot has a small frig and all the supplies to make tea whenever you want. We have been in there several times and always wondered why it was so hot in there. Come to find out, the reason it is so hot in there is that they have a drying rack up in the ceiling which is lowered on a pulley system to allow you to dry wet clothes. Hence the name the drying room - mystery solved.

Tim spent the entire day in the library. He was excited to have reached the 45th page of his dissertation.


Wharton said...

We pray everyone gets on the same sleeping pattern. (soon)

We had some excitement of our own as we headed down the Vantage hill, a loud-short lived squeeking noise came from the engine compartment. Then we noticed an awlful burning smell, RW pulled over as smoke started coming out from under the hood of the car; telling us to 'get ready to bail out in case the car started on fire'! (Three computers, video camera, new camera(s), not to mention a loving wife and two adorable daughters)

RW lifted the hood and noticed one of the belts was very hot and smelled burned. We called AAA for assistance; then sat in the car with no heat for over an hour and a half with 6 degree weather (that's 'F' not 'C' to you Brits).

AAA came with a flatbed and Praise God they had double cab truck all warmed up for us to hop in to.

RW described the senario over with the driver, he and found the culprit (a proprietary bad air conditioner pulley). They figured out how to solve the problem and off we went!

Voila....we are now ready settle in for the night in Coeur D'Alene. The roads have been okay, some snow and compact ice patches, and -9 degree temps every once in a while. Can't wait for hot tea myself....I'll have one at STARBUCKS in the morning!

Really enjoying the posts!
Loves and kisses to you all.
Mom and all

Julie Avis said...

As usual, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I cannot wait to hear if my adorable, now sleep-deprived, niece slept the night! Have a super weekend! Hugs-Jules