Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jet lag, Christmas lunch and grocery shopping

Last night was difficult for all of us. Sierra slept from 8pm-11pm (thinking this was her usual afternoon nap) and then woke up for the rest of the night. Therefore, Tim and I were also up for the rest of the night. At 7 in the morning we rolled out of bed, having been awake for the last 8 hours. After a groggy breakfast we came back to the room and Tim and I just fell asleep on the bed without realizing it. For the next two hours we have no idea what Sierra was doing, but when we awoke, she was playing quietly on the floor.

As soon as we woke up we realized it was already time for lunch. Today, Woodbrooke was having their annual Christmas lunch (an event not to be missed around here). We received a huge portion of roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, little sausages rolled in bacon (pigs in a piggy blanket), carrots, salads and Christmas pudding. Each place setting in the dining room had their own "crackers." When you pulled on the two ends of the cracker, they made a loud pop and out came a paper crown, a small prize and a bad joke written on paper. So throughout the meal, everyone was making their crackers pop and donning their paper crown. Sierra had one piece of cracker fly across the room and land in her water glass (those wild Quakers...). After consuming the food, we all went into this large room called the Cadbury room named after the famous chocolatier. We sat next to the real Christmas tree and sang Christmas carols, heard solos and a Christmas reading from the staff at Woodbrooke. Sierra listened and clapped the whole time.

Sierra was wore out and laid down for a nap. Tim worked on his business stuff on the computer and I ventured out into Birmingham to find a grocery store. We had been told it was "just up the hill" from Woodbrooke. After walking a mile and a half, I stopped to ask a local where it was. He told me "it's just up on the RIGHT." So I turned right and walked another 1/2 mile passing the local hospital (now we know where to go if one of us gets hurt). I did not find any grocery store so I turned around and headed back. Suddenly as I looked across a major intersection, I saw the name of the grocery store in big orange letters. If I had only turned LEFT where I talked to the man, I would have found it right away. I hurried in and picked up some food that Sierra might like (not all English fare is to her liking) to eat. I returned to Woodbrooke to find that Tim had tried calling me several times because he was worried that I was taking so long getting, "just up the hill." Of course, as usual, my phone's volume was not turned up enough.

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet. Tim met with his advisor who gave him about 20 research books to read in the next month, we ate a quiet meal, and then retired back to our bedroom. It's currently about 9pm and Sierra is out cold (hopefully for the night...).


Auntie Stephie said...

We miss you all already! Sounds like it is the Burdick family adventures in England already.

What is the weather doing? Did you take the right clothes?

How is the English food? Your description sounded pretty good...what isn't agreeing with Sierra? Did you find anything useful at the store?

Did you have any other airport surprises or were you fairly well prepared for it?

Did you find an temporary address?


Grandma Rosie said...

I'm glad for your safe arrival, those first hours in England must have been quite an experience! It was neat that you were able to enjoy the Christmas celebration at Woodbrooke and your first taste of English food. Sounds like home, however you are in trouble if they don't have ripe olives in England! Maybe Grandma better send some "lunchables" for Miss Sierra. Take care, Love Mom

"Pa" said...

hi sierra, I hear you like to fly in a plane,and I hear that you was very tired when you got there, already your pony misses you but it will be hear when you come home,now you keep helping your mother and I will send you a nother letter, good nite now PA

Burdick family said...

The weather has been cold. The first two days have been gray. It rained last night, but today it is sunny and cold. So far, our choice of clothes have worked. As far as the food goes, it has been pretty good. Various meat pies, lots of potatoes, the salads are like beet, cucumber/tomato and something wrapped in fish skins which we haven't tried. Sierra prefers her pasta (which the chef prepared special for her last night) and bland food, which there hasn't been a lot of around here. I picked up a lot of fruit, bread, yogurt and cheese at the store for Sierra. I'll have to get back to you about the address thing. Love to all of you, Heather