Sunday, December 21, 2008

Going to meeting

We had an OK night of sleep. Sierra still woke up several times throughout the night. When I came to wake her up for breakfast, she told me that baby Jesus came during the night and put his hand in her mouth to take away her cold. Her cold has been gone for a several days now, but we thought that was an interesting remark from her.

Tim gave me the "day off" from watching Sierra so I could get a little time to myself. After breakfast, I walked to Bournville meeting house. The duck pond that we pass on the way there had small remote controlled sail boats on it. The ducks were displaced for a while with the little boats on the pond. When I arrived at the meeting house, I was greeted warmly. I sat with a lady named Margaret. Things were a little different than usual because they had a group of about 30 "young friends" (high schoolers) from various meetings across England staying there for the weekend in a short retreat format. Meeting began at 10:30 and was an unprogrammed or silent meeting. Four people shared out of the silence during the course of the next hour. The church across the street let its bells ring out every 15 minutes which seemed louder since the meeting was silent. The meeting room was very simple and beautiful with huge wooden rafters. After meeting, they had a short tea/coffee time in a small fellowship room. Margaret explained that usually the average age of attenders is in their 70s with one baby and one 3 year old for children. I had been surprised to see a large pipe organ in the main meeting hall. Margaret told me that Elizabeth Cadbury purchased the large pipe organ for the meeting. Other Quakers have referred to the Bournville meeting as the "Quaker cathedral" due to the ornate pipe organ. It was a nice walk back to Woodbrooke in the cold sunshine.

I made another trip in the afternoon to get some more groceries. Sierra needs a little more variety than what they can offer here. Tim also needs some extra nourishment, so I picked up some microwave meals for him. One of the "tea spots" has a stove top, microwave and small oven to cook food.

Today was the first time Sierra asked to go home. We wondered how long it would take for that question to come up.

Tomorrow is our trip to Warwick I need to get planning on transportation there. Take care.


Grandma Rosie said...

Hi! I was surprised to here of the organ at the meeting house there in England, I was wondering if they ever use it! Auntie Stephanie made a little snowman in the backyard today and took Gem out in the snow...she promptly ran back to the house each time. My wooden salad fork and spoon now are the arms of the snowlady!!!!I may need a new pair for next Christmas. I am so glad that Mike is able to get to your house, hopefully, by our turn the roads will be in better shape.So far our power is still on so haven't had to shovel off the gas grill. Some of Lacey did lose power, however. Tell Sierra we love her and to have fun because before she knows it, it will be time to come home! Love Mom

Grandma Rosie said...

Oops, I've gotten to use to spell check the last I remember, here should read hear!!!

Teresa said...

Hi Heather, Tim & Sierra,
So glad to hear you've settled in- and to see Sierra's smiling face! Chocolate cars- oh my! Sierra will undoubtedly find many more hats during her England Tour. It's great to get the updates...will check back often. G'pa Dave is digging out the driveway..this is the most snow we've seen in ages:) Have a lovely Christmas,
Cheers, Teresa