Sunday, December 28, 2008

Meeting in Clitheroe

Today we went to the Clitheroe Friends Meeting House that Ben and Wendy attend. The meeting house is four miles outside of town. The meeting house faces Pendle Hill which is the hill that in 1652 George Fox had a vision while at the top and that experience was important to the early years of the Quaker movement. When meeting started, the children spent the first ten minutes with us though it was a challenge for them to keep silent for that length of time. I had a terrible head cold so it was hard for me to keep from sneezing and blowing my nose for an hour in silence. It was a small meeting but people were very welcoming. We enjoyed tea and cookies after meeting and talked with the attenders.

After a lunch of egg sandwiches, Wendy decided that we would try another version of a crumpet recipe that was a little more clear with the amounts of ingredients. We had better success with this batch and all the crumpets were eaten at tea time.

For dinner, we had a cheese and onion pie which was very tasty. We couldn't get Sierra to try this English dish. Instead our hosts spoiled her with black olives, slices of cheese and cherry tomatoes.

In the morning, we will catch a train back to Birmingham since Woodbrooke will reopen. I will try and post some pictures of Ben and Wendy's house and the Clitheroe meeting house when I get back to Woodbrooke. I am turning in early tonight and hopefully Sierra will go to sleep soon.


Wharton said...

Always at the end of the December feasts I announce to the world that it is time to say 'no' to any more sweets and goodies....but I might have to delay my announcements until I taste some of the dishes you cook up.

Please pray for Tonia; she has bronchitis - had to take her to the emergency room after 5 days of a really bad cough that would not go away. She is on antibiotics. Poor gal, she is so sad to be sick on vacation.

Give loves and hugs to one of the cutest little 'American girls' in England and continue to enjoy your journey. Sounds like a lot of fun! Loves and hugs to all.

Julie Avis said...

As always, your fabulous day-to-day adventures are making me hungry! I love the picture of the coffee shop right outside your window-that’s my kind of living. :)
Heather- I am so sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well; I hope that you have a quick recovery and can continue to enjoy your trip!
Lots of love & hugs to all of you!