Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nine hours straight - of sleep

Sierra slept nine hours last night with only a few times where she woke up sleep talking. I got about seven hours and Tim only managed two hours. He was dragging the rest of the day. As I write this post, he has already gone to bed.

We spent the morning wandering around Woodbrooke and playing all the imaginary games Sierra dreams up for us. After lunch, we headed back to Bourneville. We pass a large pond which has lots of geese and ducks that Sierra likes to watch. The next stop is the children's playground just outside of the town centre. While Sierra was swinging on the swings, a nearby church was playing Christmas carols through its large bell system. We headed to their small shops and explored those for a while. We visited the bakery where Sierra enjoyed a gingerbread boy cookie and I tried the traditional mince pies. The visitor's centre had a fairground organ which played carols. Sierra loved listening to the music and watching the instruments play as she munched on her cookie. They also had a small steam engine which reminded her of Trevor from the Thomas the train series. We promised we would return soon.

Tonight at dinner, Sierra was falling asleep sitting up while she ate her food. I will just keep her up until 9:00 and hopefully won't have any consequences of an early bedtime.


Grandma Rosie said...

Hi "little family"! We are in the midst of major Wisc snow. Seattle's a mess, so we cancelled out on going to the play..hopefully, we can get some kind of refund or tickets to another play! If the power goes out this week-end we will have plenty of cookies to eat and still need to shovel a path to the outside gas grill..should be interesting. The trip to Oregon for Christmas looks doubtful. Would love to be in England enjoying the sights with you. Grandma likes all your pictures, Sierra!Keep warm and have fun. Love Mom

Burdick family said...

We've checked some of the Seattle websites to see the snow. Mike has checked on the house several times and sent us a picture of the house and RAV covered in snow. I'm sure Sierra would love playing in it.
Sorry to hear about the play - it sounded like it was going to be fun.