Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Laundry day

Today was a pretty quiet day. Sierra and I walked to the playground again to swing on the swings. Then we went to the bakery shop to pick up a yule log chocolate cake. We are getting ready to head up to Preston tomorrow with Tim's advisor from Woodbrooke named Ben. We'll bring the yule log along to share with his family. He has a four year old daughter named Florence so Sierra is looking forward to a playmate more her own age for the next five days. We spent most of the day doing laundry since we haven't done much since we got here. I tried taking a picture of the drying room set up with the rack and pulley. As you can see, the rack is filled with our clothes. Since they were slightly wet, they were much heavier and I had to have Tim help me raise it to the ceiling. At 5:00pm tonight, Sierra and I were trekking back to the laundry room to get out the last load of the day. We have to enter from an outside door to get to the laundry and suddenly my room key which opens all the doors at Woodbrooke stopped working. Sierra and I had to go tap on the library window to get Tim to let us in (not many people are left here due to the holidays). Come to find out, our keys were shut off at 5:00 because the administration staff thought we were leaving today. In the end, we got the keys working again. We have to repack everything and either take it with us to Ben's or leave it in Woodbrooke's locked luggage room. We will leave for Preston after breakfast tomorrow. It will give us another chance to see the English countryside.

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