Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still jet lagging and chocolate

We still had a rough night of sleep last night. Sierra slept until 2 am before she was wide awake again. She fell back to sleep about 5:30am. Needless to say, we all stayed in bed until 10am and skipped breakfast. Hopefully the third night here is the charm and we can sleep soundly until 5 or 6 am. It was a cold but sunny day here today. Sierra and I explored the grounds of the Study Centre before lunch. After lunch, we all walked to Bourneville which is the village that Mr. Cadbury (the chocolatier) built for his workers. There was a lot of wonderful architecture around and they had a playground which Sierra loved. We walked into Cadbury World (the factory) but skipped the tour because we had been told it was expensive and boring for a 3 year old. We did enjoy looking around the shop that sold all the various chocolates they made there. We sipped lattes while Sierra munched on chocolate covered animal crackers. We walked back through several small parks with duck ponds and saw a variety of water fowl. At one point, the ducks started following us because I was holding a plastic bag of chocolates and the ducks thought I would feed them something from the bag. I will try to attach a picture we took of Sierra in front of their Cadbury chocolate egg cars. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


"Pa" said...

Hi, I back again my frist message did'nt go though, what I said was that choclate factory sounds interesting but now the doc says no more,it looks like cold there but snow here 6in, it was fun diving around in it,our coffee make and toasted both quit on us so that is what Step. and i did today,tell Sierra to get regulate in her sllp so mommet and Daddy can get more shut eye, nite now

Burdick family said...

Pa, I have licorice for you from the chocolate factory. Love, Sierra

Wharton said...

Hi Sierra, (Heather and James!), We have SNOW! Grandma Sue is all done with her Christmas errands and now I can settle in and enjoy the snow, some hot spiced cider and some homemade fudge. Auntie Tonia ask Grandpa Rick to make waffle for breakfast. Auntie Aksana had a piano recital two nights ago and she played two christmas songs. We love the pictures of you on the blog. We miss and love you all.

Julie Avis said...

It sounds like you all are doing wonderful-but tired!
I love the stories already and am looking forward to many more to come & lots of pictures too!
Lots of Love & Big Hugs,
Jules & Family

"Pa" said...

Hi, Here I go typing another letter,but I need the practice anyway I was telling about all of our snow, and you are probably gettig rain, Stephanie is cooking up a storm on cookies, we'll need some help in eating them,good to be able to read other comments,take care a don't get lost in the fog. pa