Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Happy 2009 everyone! Tim and I stayed up to watch London's countdown to the new year on the television. Big Ben rang out the first bells of the new year and then they shot off 10 minutes of fireworks off the London Eye. (That's the huge ferris wheel that sits right next to the Thames River.) It was quite a spectacle. We could hear people around Woodbrooke shooting off fireworks. Thankfully, Sierra slept through it all and got a good night's sleep.

Sierra was ready to wake up at 8 AM this morning, while Tim and I were hoping to sleep in much later than that. We missed breakfast and munched on crumpets in our room. Tim spent the rest of the day working in the library on his dissertation. Sierra and I played in the room and did some more laundry since it was still bitter cold outside today.

I'm feeling much better with my cold, but now Sierra and Tim are starting to get drippy noses. Hopefully, they will get a milder case than I did and be ready for our trip to the Black Country Museum tomorrow.

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Julie Avis said...

Glad that you rang in the new year in style! ;) Heather-I hope that you get better soon! Tim & Sierra-stay well! Love & miss you all-Jules