Friday, January 9, 2009

Last day in London

Today was our last day in London. It was sunny but very cold. We spent most of the morning riding tour buses to see some of the sights without having to walk everywhere with a three year old in our arms. We stopped at a cafe for lunch to warm up with soup and lattes. We finished the bus tour - it is the kind that let's you get off and on wherever and whenever you want.

In the afternoon, we headed back on the Tube to the British Museum. We warmed up again with tea and scones in the museum cafe. Then we walked through the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek exhibits. There was a lot more to see but we ran out of time. We braved the cold to find our last English meal of fish and chips. We found a little fish and chips spot with decor from the 1950s. It was packed and we stuffed ourselves.

We are all packed and heading to bed early since we need to get up very early to catch the Tube to Heathrow. Hopefully, we'll have an uneventful trip home. Thanks for keeping up with us on our blog.

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Wharton said...

Great Blogging! Hope your sleeping/waking schedule is adapted to quickly!! See you all soon.