Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last day at Woodbrooke

Today is our last full day at Woodbrooke. Tim surpassed his goal he had set for progress on his dissertation and is currently at 80 pages (only 220 more to go). He will likely not touch it again for this trip. He met with his advisor one last time today, and will resume progress on his dissertation after we are home and settled in.

We will leave in the morning and head to the train station in downtown Birmingham. From there, it is an hour and a half ride to London. We will be staying at The Penn Club in London. It is a motel started by Quakers and still has ties with them. Since we know we are coming back to London in the future, we are just going to see a few sights and not wear ourselves out before getting on a plane for 11 hours.

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Julie Avis said...

The Avis family loves the snow, but right now it's a pretty sensitive subject here in western WA.

In case you do not have time to blog before you leave-have a safe trip! We cannot wait to see all of you and hear firsthand all the wonderful stories!

Love & Hugs-