Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We made it to London

Our taxi arrived right on time at Woodbrooke to take us to the train station. We picked up some sandwiches, fruit and lattes to eat while we waited for our train. We watched two other trains heading to London get cancelled, so we were relieved that our train was not cancelled. It was late, but come to find out the tickets we had purchased online the night before were actually first class tickets. So we were at the front of the train in nice comfortable seats. They had little tables all set up with cups and plates for eating and drinking. We were sitting there kind of shocked because we were expecting a crowded ride with so many trains getting cancelled. There were only about three other people in the coach with us, so it was quiet and peaceful. Soon, some staff came through with hot tea or coffee for us. Then they brought a food cart through and gave us choices of what we wanted - no cost. I guess we paid for it in the price of the tickets. We were still full from our sandwiches, so we just had some muffins with our hot tea. It was a very enjoyable ride. It started snowing again as we got closer to London.

Once we arrived in London, we walked about 10 blocks to the Penn Club. It wasn't too bad and much cheaper than a taxi. Our room here has 3 twin beds in it and a shower across the hall. All the rooms face the garden in the back. We are served breakfast each morning, so we walked to a local restaurant for dinner tonight. It is a bit of a shock how expensive London is for everything. We are glad we only have to cover 3 nights here. We all have to go to bed at the same time otherwise Sierra won't fall asleep. We'll try and get to the Tower of London tomorrow.

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Wharton said...

We have loved all the updates and now pray for your travel home! Hope to see you soon. We have yet to leave Minot, (today is Thursday) and hope we can dodge another storm headed this way bringing in another 8-10 inches. There is so much snow the city is loading it into dump trucks and taking it to the shopping mall parking lot just to get it off the main streets. Amazing! See you soon, Mom