Saturday, January 3, 2009

Black Country Living Museum

Today we got up early to catch a bus then a train and another bus to the town of Dudley. That is where the 26 acre Black Country Living Museum is located. It was a sunny day but bitter cold.

The museum has many different types of buildings which have been carefully reconstructed on this site from around the neighboring countryside. There is a underground mine exhibit which we skipped due to the cold, dark areas that would have frightened Sierra. We visited the general store, pawnshop, the toll booth, a chemist, the chapel, various homes and cottages and a silent movie cinema each having a person in a period costume telling us about their shops and wares. There was an 1830s school we walked through complete with a real Headmistress with slates and coal pencils. In the summers, they operate a small fairground with rides for kids. There is a small canal that goes around the edge of the property, but all the boat rides were frozen in the water. For lunch, we had fish and chips wrapped in a paper cone. They were delicious! You can see from the pictures that Sierra enjoyed it too. We stopped at the bakery to enjoy some cakes after the fish.

They are adding on more shops to expand the place. It will be worth another trip back to see what else is added and ride the canal boats and the fairground rides, hopefully in warmer weather.


Julie Avis said...

You all look great-Love the pictures! Big Hugs-Jules

Auntie Stephie said...

Were they just in costume or were they in character too? How did Sierra react to the funny clothes? How was the gift shop?

Burdick family said...

Four of the seven people stayed in character while we talked with them. The other three started but came out of their characters pretty quickly. One of the ladies said that they have two teachers who role play at the school house. One is a man who gets so into his charcter he makes the kids cry by banging his ruler on the desks and yelling. She says he doesn't come out of character for anything. It did seem like that in the summer when there is more characters around that they all might help each other stay in character more.
Sierra didn't say too much about the clothes. The gift shop was OK, they did have a nice selection on books on the history of the area but other than trinkets that was about it.